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SRE Engine Techniques also guarantees repairing of competitors engines, rebuilding and freshen-ups. We guarantee all our work period! End of story.

SRE Engine Techniques has been building race engine assemblies for over 26 years. We have built numerous winning engines for WoO, ASCS winged and non winged Sprint Cars, NCRA, USAC, Dirt Champ Cars, Silver Crown Cars, DIRT Latemodels, WoO, UMP, Nascar Latemodels, ASA and Busch Tour Cars and many other racing divisions. We have totally confidential race team programs. All engines are final tuned on our in house DTS dyno.

Here at SRE Engine Techniques a full UNCONDITIONAL ONE YEAR WARRANTY will be given on all new, dyno tuned engines from air cleaner to oil pan, front to rear pumps. If you are tired of engine failures costing you the race, losing positions in the point standings and lost winnings, here is what is being offered to the serious racer. This warranty includes any failure, for any reason, from misinstallation, abuse, anybody’s fault ours or yours, accident, fire, or parts failure. There will be no arguing or blaming of team members, or using unforeseen parts failures as an excuse not to warranty. We will just fix the engine for free. Yes I said FREE. Here at SRE we stand behind our engines period, end of story. The warranty will be in writing with my notarized signature.

The reason I am offering this unheard of warranty is my desire to work with racers who are as serious as I am about winning. And wanting to be a part of your successful racing program by increasing the quality of your race engine program. That is why the best warranty ever is being offered on a race engine!

Because of the unconditional warranty given, you will be receiving the very best parts and building techniques. It also guarantees we will never compromise quality just to get more motors out of the door (as so many builders do). While other builders list available options for the engines they build, (which must start with baseline engines) at SRE only the best available parts are installed. We won’t build you an inferior baseline engine. This warranty also insures you that I will do everything possible to help you with tech support for your success.

I know the next question is how are we doing this? We are going to be eliminating many issues that cause engine grief to teams. One is to not use fatigued parts, old magnetos, oil pumps, etc. that fail and cause a new engine to fail. Another reason is the engine you will receive will have the fuel management algorithms to keep it in tune as air density altitude changes and you will be provided all the necessary tuning equipment to maintain proper fuel trim. It will make more power and the chances of failure due to lean fuel mixture fall next to zero. Most teams give up 10% horsepower because of incorrect tuning on their engine for fear of leaning out too much. That equates to 70 HP on an ASCS 360 motor or 90 HP on a 410 motor. How can you beat the Outlaw teams if that much power is being forfeited? Serious racers have procedures for keeping their engines at close to maximum output. That is part of the secret to the Outlaws having more horsepower, and you can too! Here at SRE we have developed an even better more accurate way to maintain not close to maximum output but actual maximum output.

Every effort will be made to ensure you are provided with the best possible engine with (without a doubt) the best warranty in the industry, ever!

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