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SOLD!  But we can build you one!
Outrageous! That is the only way to describe this ProCharged LSX 476!

Everything about this build is just that. Every part carefully selected and often custom made just for this build. There is nothing about this that was dust it off and bolt it on.

Every part that went in was checked and trued up to make sure it was the best it can be and will live.

- Custom thermally coated SRE Racing Engines pistons were fitted with DLC wrist pins.
- Custom oiling system - multi-stage dry sump with external drains from the valve cover area.
- One-off SRE spec'd small base-circle roller cam - needed to clear the long stroke. 
- Custom timing reluctor
- Internally balanced
- Huge 312 CC runner All Pro heads are fitted with titanium valves and retainers.
- Topped with a custom Hogan dual dominator flange intake with 2 huge throttle bodies and 220 LB injectors
- Massive Procharger that supports in excess of 20 PSI of boost
- Too much to list it all!

This SRE Racing Engines beast is expected to make 1700HP on gas with the "take it easy" 15 PSI tune.  2200+ will come in with 26 PSI on good ole tree hugging E-85.

Again, all part treated to SRE Racing Engines tremendous level of care and expertise in part selection, preparation/blueprinting and assembly.

If you want to make the ultimate statement, this is it!  No one else will have what you have!
9.0 Tour motor (Freshened $18,000)
358 c.i.
Weld Tech CNC ported Heads
Titanium valvetrain
Bryant Crank, Dyers lt wt rods
694 IC H.P. @ 7400 RPM
521 torque @ 6200 RPM
8800 RPM all day on pump gas!